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Jaime Espinal, 30.05.2017, 08:48
I can start up GTA IV sometimes I will get a Securom error 2000. I have tried many solutions I have
seen online and I can now launch the game to a 'license screen' before the game begins the loading
process. I have attached a picture so you can see where its stuck at. Once it stops there I cannot
exit the game I have to restart my computer. Once it freezes there I have tried Alt+Enter,
Windows+D, Alt+F4, Alt+Tab, and nothing will bring me away from that window. (I am running Windows
10) I cant get past this screen and its been driving me a little crazy trying to find a solution
for something that should be so simple. Please help. Thank you! :: Forumregeln :: FAQ :: Impressum :: Kontakt :: :: ::
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